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VIA Engineering is an engineering and consulting company with international activities.  


Our strength is based on highly qualified and experienced professionals with expertise in a wide variety of fields. The company's mission is to enable and support the success of customers and society, through progressive and value-driven solutions.


VIA Engineering was founded in 2020. After many years of working on a various engineering projects, from small ones to the biggest infrastructure project in Europe, having a clear vision of what is the excellent quality of the engineering work and finding the best solutions for customers around the globe, a group of engineers established an engineering and consultancy firm with a single mission - to be the most successful, creative, and ground-breaking engineering company in Europe.

Today VIA Engineering works successfully in Northern Europe.


In Latin language word "VIA" means road, street, the word which defines a track. This name reflects that the main area the company is working in is Civil engineering projects.


We create sustainable engineering and design solutions.


In order to ensure the highest possible level of client services at all times, VIA Engineering has set clear policies for the company's various divisions relating to its internal operations, daily management and personnel activities.

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